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Hello! I hope you all are great here in 2011!

As you can see, I haven’t posted in forever. I never completed Project 365, but I plan to do it in the future. So, I’ve decided to move on to another blog.

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day two hundred twenty-five : september fourteenth, two thousand ten

As most of you know, I haven’t been blogging. Part of that is because I haven’t been home! I’ve been to Pennsylvania, New York and Hawaii in the past month. Yep – it’s been an awesome end to my summer.

Now that my life is back to normal, I’m going to post at least once a day. Twice if possible. (Maybe one day I’ll get caught up.)

I would leave you with a picture, but I didn’t take any today. I guess that’s what happens when you take over 1,000 pictures on vacation.


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day two hundred seventeen : Kilauea : september sixth, two thousand ten

We woke up this morning and decided to head off to the south part of the island to go to Volcanos National Park. That place was awesome. I loved it.

When we arrived, I expected to see lava flows. We later found out that you couldn’t see lava flows. The only way to see lava was to rent a helicopter and fly out and see it going into the ocean. Not an option for us.

Inside the large Kilauea caldera is a crater called Halema’uma’u (pronounced How-lay-mah-‘oo-mah-‘oo). Inside Halema’uma’u crater is a deep hole and in the deep hole is a pool of lava. Since Halema’uma’u gives off so much toxic smoke (also called “vog”), you couldn’t get near the crater (the vog actually caused part of the park to be closed when we were there). At night, you can see the light from the lava coming out of Halema’uma’u. The sight was impressive.

I only have three photos that I wanted to post for today. Normally it’s difficult choosing, but this time it seemed rather easy.

Day 117

day two hundred seventeen : This is one of my favorite pictures from the entire trip. I just love the bold colors.

Halema'uma'u's Smoke

Halema'uma'u's Smoke : I also love this picture. Another plus about it is that it hasn't been edited. It didn't need it.

“]Halema'uma'u at Night

Halema'uma'u at night : f/3.6, 20s, ISO200 : It was so amazing to be on the observation deck and see the light coming off of lava. It really demonstrates the power of God.

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day two hundred sixteen : human sacrifice : september fifth, two thousand ten

We went to an ancient Hawaiian human sacrifice temple called Mo’okini Heiau. Delightful, isn’t?

[Pronounced: Moh-‘oh-kee-nee hey-ow]

[Don’t worry, I didn’t sacrifice my parents. The thought of it was tempting, but I decided against it.]

The luakini heiau [Hawaiian for human sacrifice temple] was empty. No one was there besides us. Our guidebook said that it gave them the creeps (they said this was the only place on the island that they avoided, besides the DMV) . I personally found that it gave me the creeps also, though not as bad as what the guidebook described.

The heiau itself was made of 15 feet thick stone walls that were probably 15-20 feet high (possibly higher at times). Inside the heiau, there were stones scattered everywhere. Around the heiau, there was a a low stone wall. Inside the wall and surrounding the heiau was grass. On the north side of the compound, there was a large, flat stone. This stone had an indentation in it. It looked like a body would fit perfectly in it. I was under the impression that this was where the sacrifices were done; but I did some reading and found out that this was were they did sacrifice prep and once the sacrifice was done, they would take the body here to skin it and make fish hooks out of the bones. (They also ate the meat. Human meat.) For a picture, wanted my parents to lay on the stone like they were getting sacrificed, but since the indentation was filled with water, they declined. I found out later that only people with a death wish should lay in it. (On second thought, maybe I should have had my parents lay in it… Just kidding. I really do love my parents.)

After we had been there for about 25 minutes, I looked up from my camera and noticed that I couldn’t find my parents. My first thought was, Oh, very funny. Next thing I’ll know, they’ll jump out from behind a wall and scare me. (They later told me they didn’t think about that. How boring is that?) My parents had left me all alone in an ancient human sacrifice temple. (Again, I would like to stress that this place was creepy. I mean creepy.) At this point, I must admit I was freaked out. I ran to the small wall and saw my parents at the bottom of the hill next to the car. I was creeped out and ran as fast as I could back to the car. It was a creepy experience.

[I’m actually quite lucky my parenst didn’t sacrifice me. I’m sure I can be quite annoying at times.]

Since I can’t post all my pictures of Mo’okini Heiau, you can go to this link and get more info on it along with a short video. [If you’re friends with me on Facebook, I will post more pictures sometime soon of it there.]

Some other things we did: we went to church in the morning; we went to Pololu valley and saw a great black sand beach there, got rained on, and I was stung by a Portuguese Man-of-War; we went to the sacrifice heiau; we saw King Kemehameha’s birthplace and then went to a resort and used their beach (all beaches in the state can be accessed by the public – even the fancy resort beaches).

Anyway, here are my pictures.

Mo’okini Heiau

day two hundred sixteen : mo’okini heiau grounds

Heiau and Ocean View

Heiau wall and ocean view

Sacrifice Stone and Walls

Sacrifice stone and heiau walls

Sacrifice Stone

Close up of the sacrifice stone

Field Above Pololu Valley

Field above pololu valley


Crab at Pololu beach

Thanks for reading!


Austin (:

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day two hundred fifteen : september fourth, two thousand ten

*Catching up after my travels to Pennsylvania, New York and Hawaii. So bear with me*

When I think of Hawaii, I think of lush rainforests and the beach. Well, when you fly into Kailua-Kona, you realize that Hawaii has some ugly parts. And you just landed in an ugly part. The airport is in an old lava flow. Nothing but black lava and the occasional patch of dead grass. (Although, after being there for a couple of days, I realized that I loved the lava flow areas where nothing grew, and didn’t like the rainforest as much. This totally shows that I’m from Arizona.)

Anyway, we headed off to the beach and watched a great Hawaiian sunset.

Beach Sunset

I’ve also decided that I’m only going to post a maximum of five pictures a day. I normally take 100+ pictures a day when on vacation, so this will be hard to narrow it down.


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Day 179

If there were an award for “worst phlogger* ever,” I would probably get it. Seriously. I haven’t been updating a lot, nor have I been taking many pictures. (The last picture I took was Monday. Actually, that’s half lie, I did take a picture the other day, but it didn’t turn out.) Anyways, I’m now going back and posting all my old picutres for this month.

I have been having a hard time finding inspiration to take pictures. I do have some pretty fun things coming up in the next month or two that I’m very excited about, so I should be getting some neat pictures them. Anyways, I promise to take some good pictures. I promise.

[*By “phlogger,” I mean a photo blogger. . Not a flogger. I’m not that creepy.]

I will leave you with that.

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Day 175

This picture was horrid to begin with. It's the only one I took today. So, I tried to make it less horrid. Not sure if I succeed, but at least I actually posted something today.

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